FYS 2014-15 by Major


Agriculture & Natural Resources

College Department FYS Course
AG Agriculture and Natural Resources TBD*
AG Animal and Food Science UNIV 101
AG Ecology ENWC 165
AG Environmental and Resource Economics UNIV 101
AG Environmental Soil Science PLSC 171
AG Food & Agribusiness Marketing and Management UNIV 101
AG Food Science UNIV 101
AG Insect Ecology and Conservation ENWC 165
AG Landscape Horticulture & Design PLSC 171
AG Natural Resource Management UNIV 101
AG Plant Protection PLSC 171
AG Plant Science PLSC 171
AG Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences UNIV 101
AG Statistics UNIV 101
AG Wildlife Ecology and Conservation ENWC 165

*Depends on interest area; call 302-831-2508 for advising.


Arts & Sciences

College Department FYS Course
AS Anthropology UNIV 101
AS Apparel Design UNIV 101
AS Art ART 118
AS Art Conservation ARTC 101 & UNIV 101
AS Art History UNIV 101
AS Asian Studies UNIV 101
AS Biological Sciences UNIV 101
AS Black American Studies UNIV 101
AS Chemistry and Biochemistry CHEM 164
AS Chemistry Education CHEM 164
AS Communication UNIV 101
AS Comparative Literature UNIV 101
AS Criminal Justice UNIV 101
AS Energy and Environmental Policy ENEP 117
AS English UNIV 101
AS European Studies UNIV 101
AS Fashion Merchandising UNIV 101
AS Foreign Languages and Literatures UNIV 101
AS History UNIV 101
AS International Relations UNIV 101
AS Latin American Studies UNIV 101
AS Linguistics and Cognitive Science UNIV 101
AS Mathematics MATH 268
AS Music UNIV 101
AS Organizational and Community Leadership UNIV 101
AS Pharmacy Interest (Biology) UNIV 101
AS Philosophy UNIV 101
AS Physics PHYS 169
AS Political Science UNIV 101
AS Public Policy UNIV 101
AS Psychology UNIV 101
AS Sociology UNIV 101
AS Women’s Studies UNIV 101

Business & Economics

College Department FYS Course
BE Accounting BUAD 110
BE Business Undeclared BUAD 110
BE Economics BUAD 110
BE Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation BUAD 110
BE Finance BUAD 110
BE Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management BUAD 110
BE Hospitality Industry Studies BUAD 110
BE International Business Studies BUAD 110
BE Management BUAD 110
BE Management Information Systems BUAD 110
BE Marketing BUAD 110
BE Operations Management BUAD 110
BE Sport Management BUAD 110


College Department FYS Course
EG Biomedical Engineering BMEG 101
EG Chemical Engineering EGGG 101
EG Civil and Envir. Engineering EGGG 101
EG Computer Engineering EGGG 101
EG Computer Science EGGG 101
EG Electrical Engineering EGGG 101
EG Engineering Undeclared EGGG 101
EG Environmental Engineering EGGG 101
EG Information Systems EGGG 101
EG Mechanical Engineering EGGG 101

Health Sciences

College Department FYS Course
HN Athletic Training Interest KAAP155
HN Exercise Science KAAP105
HN Health and Physical Education BHAN 155
HN Health Behavior Science BHAN 155
HN Health Studies – Occupational Therapy BHAN 155
HN Medical Technology Interest MEDT 100
HN Nursing NURS 100
HN Nutrition and Dietetics NTDT 103

Education and Human Development

College Department
EH Early Childhood Education UNIV 101
EH Elementary Education EDUC 100
EH Human Services UNIV 101

Earth, Ocean, and Environment

College Department FYS Course
MS Earth Science Education UNIV 101
MS Environmental Science ENSC 101
MS Environmental Studies ENSC 101
MS Geography UNIV 101
MS Geography Education UNIV 101
MS Geology UNIV 101
MS Marine Science MAST 100

University Studies

College Department FYS Course
UST University Studies UNIV 101


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